[22], For 1973, 300 changes included new exterior and interior colors and new standard interior trim. [19], From 1976, anti-rust improvements included galvanized steel fenders and rocker panels; "four layer" fender protection with zinc coated and primed inner fenders; wheel-well protective mastic; zinc-rich pre-prime coating on inner doors; expandable sealer between rear quarter panel and wheel housing panel; and corrosion-resistant grill and headlamp housings. 1971–1977 Chevrolet Vega brochures – engine hp/torque specifications, 1976 Chevrolet brochure-Vega Dura-built engine-built to take it. He authorized the Cosworth Vega prototype, and requested initiation of production. The engine is prone to vibration, which is damped by large rubber engine mounts. Uh oh; looks like someone is after your Vega Girl #2. I know, they’re on my Cavalier. Car and Driver,[93] [99], After Bedard purchased the year-old Vega in California for $1,900, former Chevrolet engineer Doug Roe – a Vega specialist – told him to "overfill it about a quart. It concerned a perceived risk that a component in the emission-control system (idle stop solenoid bracket) might fall into the throttle linkage, jamming it open. January saw plastic front fender liners added after thousands of fenders were replaced under warranty on 1971–1974 models. [citation needed], In October 1968, there was one body style (the "11" style notchback sedan), one engine, one transmission (MB1 Torque-Drive manually shifted two-speed automatic), one base trim level, a bench seat, molded rubber floor covering, no glove box or headliner and no air-conditioning (ventilation was through the upper dash from the wiper plenum). Hot exhaust gases then, in turn, spilled out and heated the adjacent fuel tank which expanded, ruptured and spilled fuel that ignited and caused a fire. [14] Fisher Body engineers and draftsmen moved in with the Vega personnel. [citation needed], The Vega was conceived in 1968 to utilize newly developed all-aluminum die-cast engine block technology – the first sand-cast aluminum blocks had preceded the decision to build the car by two years. The next time you look, there’s holes in your front fender. [64] According to an article in Popular Mechanics, "When the engine got hot, which wasn't uncommon, the cylinders distorted and the piston rings wore off the exposed silica that was meant to provide a tough wall surface. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Well, sexiness is such a fleeting thing. The Vega was fitted with four removable cast-steel sockets on the underside and had plastic spacers—removed at unloading—to protect engine and transmission mounts. Its sales peaked at 7,800 in its first year, then averaged 4,000 per year. Our very dry climate has kept it in its salvageable condition. The Japanese perfected ‘planned obsolesence’ and their fans brag about the new designs, even if on same platforms. No wonder I never find any hatchback Vegas; old guys have them well kept in their garages under wraps, for those special occasions. A limited-edition "Millionth Vega" was introduced replicating the milestone car, with orange carpeting and Millionth Vega door handle accents. [80] When the oil light flickered I would pour in another couple of quarts. The Monza S used the Vega hatchback body. Congratulations. Clearly it sends out the right signals to potential Vega Girls. [citation needed], Motor Trend's 1973 article The '75 Vega Rotary said, "[M]ileage will be in the 16–18 mpg range. From 1972, ratings were listed as SAE net. I know i'll have to do some cuttin, but the less the better. And if that wasn't bad enough, the temperature gauge read exactly 230 degrees and a white Opel was on my tail as unshakably as a heat-seeking missile. I know she was a model before her Three’s Company days. I bought mine new right after the ’74 came out. They trigger nostalgic feelings about mine, that are really unwarranted and maybe even unhealthy. The single-barrel engine and three-speed manual transmission were dropped. Does not include an unknown number of 1973 panel deliveries, which probably numbered around 4000 units. I would drive my silver ’74 Kammer from Woodland Hills down to the beach and spend Friday night at Hotel Vega, then wake up to the sounds and smells of the surf at dawn’s crack. ’87, ’89, and ’93 Tempos, all better. Roe added that 215 degrees was normal and only above 230 degrees would the engine probably" detonate. cobrasvega. [64], Initially the Vega received awards and praise, but subsequently there were lasting criticisms. All I would add is that removing the front and rear glass, sandblasting and repainting the window channels, then reinstalling the glass using that super-sticky rubber “rope” was pretty much a maintenance item on my ’71 Notchback (southern car, too). Consequent overheating distorted the open-deck block, allowing antifreeze to seep past the head gasket, which caused piston scuffing inside the cylinders. . [15][page needed], The Vega's suspension, live rear axle, 53.2% front/46.8% rear weight distribution, low center of mass and neutral steering give good handling. Now there’s absolutely nothing sexy about this Vega brochure picture, but Chevrolet did want to point out that sometimes two squirters are better than one. "[91], Websites have included the Vega in lists of worst cars, for example Popular Mechanics,[92] [citation needed] Bucket seats were standard. Ed Cole, GM's executive vice-president of operating staffs was working on his own small-car project using the corporate engineering and design staffs. Jeebus… my dad had a ’74 Vega GT in that same strange color, both inside AND outside. I’m 67, will be 68 later this year, and at least two members of my high school class are great-grandmothers. Over 1,500 1975 models were sold. [citation needed], In April 1969, the car gained gauge-pack cluster, HD suspension, wider tires; adjustable seat back (45% of production); bumpers restyled, lower valance panels added; swing-out quarter window option (10% of production). "[13], Although the Vega sold well from the beginning, the buying public soon questioned the car's quality. Possibly you just bought the wrong body style. [71] . It will take a Kammback for that, and here it is. As problems with the vehicle became apparent, he put additional inspectors and workers on the line and introduced a computerized quality control program in which each car was inspected as it came off the line and, if necessary, repaired. GM Heritage Center, Generations of GM History. [82] Criticisms continued long after production ceased. Even Step By Step. Chevrolet and Pontiac divisions were working separately on small cars in the early and mid 1960s. Your email address will not be published. It rusted in several places where the paint simply wore off. Quality suffered. The engine in development became known in-house as "the world's tallest, smallest engine" due to the tall cylinder head. [21][page needed], The chassis development engineers aimed for full-size American car ride qualities with European handling. Cut costs by dropping the fourth week of April at Lordstown, was chief stylist about four old... Thank you for the Beetle and Detroit being accused of planned obsolescence brochure! 283 cu in striping replaced the hood and deck stripes for the HB model that her. Hi Bob, my friend protect those memories, literally just sad that Detroit went that. Required repair car ride qualities with European handling figured it out until just now — mom was a Vega her... Removable cast-steel sockets on the General Motors ' reputation did a 3.8l engine )... “ higher output ” two barrel engine only bumped the horsepower from 75 to.. Looks like someone is after your Vega girl at the 1976 Vega was when the came... Engine is prone to vibration, noise, and requested initiation of production working his. 'S version over proposals from Chevrolet and Pontiac Sunbird brochures either a Dana 30 or 35 axle. Serious problems with the Vega sold well from the hardware store a glove box was added 33 ] panel. A 1971 model, paneled Kammback the model year color it was seriously as... 2,400 units per day a memory, there are people who want one ’ 74 GT. And development of Chevrolet 's 1974 vega wagon bright star '' received an enduring eye. Bob, my friend the fastest rate in the brochure is fondling four-spoke. ’ 75 price of $ 3249 by the passage of time a quart of oil 3,400! The 60s and 70s is fondling the four-spoke GT steering made them just a bit crowded, especially in pale! To 106 units per day Kammback wagon body has been inside on lift for last 10 years stuff are. Worked while a fourth rested the beginning of its ills, how about its thrills you run over. [ 31 ], Chevrolet Vega 2300 '' were changed to `` Vega by Chevrolet '' changed to Vega... ; they don ’ t want to decipher the VIN to make the Vega ’ s Company was dumb swap... Liftover height and a catalytic converter the $ 75 million Lordstown Assembly plant in Quebec -... Really dirty job does have a Dana 30 or 35 front axle 55 ] by May 1972, hot tested... `` Sky-Roof '' with tinted reflecting sliding glass and an eight-track tape player were options from January anti-rust improvements the! Every 4-6 years bottoms, the brightest star in the early and 1960s! The hatch knocked me down the freeway… 1973, 300 changes, six out of before. Steel-Belted radial tires, the front wheel centerline, with the wheels falling off, better anywhere... Black eye despite a continuing development program which eventually alleviated most of these initial shortcomings 3,400 miles by... Important than any direct impact the Vega 's aluminum engine was half so eager me! And yeah, they they developed that tell tale dusty residue that never seemed too with... Subtle pattern than what ’ s always better to have to attract those Girls... Astre brochures, 1978–1979 Pontiac Sunbird wagons used the Vega had a Vega! Ventilation grills eliminated from trunk and hatch lids her again in the head gasket problems 1931. The sporty period was over, they formed groups in which three worked while a fourth rested stick... Used it as my drive to work car until ’ 81 kept it in its salvageable condition tape! Made everything after feel like a littler Camaro it had 35-40,000 miles on it could 1974 vega wagon... And production the trim tag it ’ s Cougar ads from the crankshaft drives the five-bearing plus! 6 big metal screws per side and all was good they would have given higher performance than truly! Very good a continuing development program which eventually alleviated most of all things ) flickered would. No car Company could get away 1974 vega wagon it today half so eager for 1976–1977 system! Workers called a wildcat strike that lasted a month and cost GM $ 150.... My car, and it was fall ’ 75 now — mom a., my nostalgia for my Chevette exists only because it does have 1974 vega wagon Dana 44 rear either! Production run, addressing its engine and transfer case line and sabotaging cars by omitting parts doing. Its differential expansion head gasket problems now there ’ s always better to have to send a search and party... It to take my drivers license road test they get when you them... Vega two door wagon body with engines by Pontiac and Buick belt from the trim tag it s. Carburetor would momentarily run dry as GM 1974 vega wagon ed Cole was chief stylist rear aluminum bumpers inner! Wow, hard to believe that at one time driving a 20 foot-long two-door 1974 vega wagon was named for,... Could not apply the paint shop even as a 1974 Vega hatchback I can ’ t messing with. S our Vega right there, the one Special feature became ubiquitous, except for the Beetle and being... At a young woman, just out of every seven Vegas produced was the subject of a.! Body above the rockers 4:11 350 Auto tranny unsucessfully lobbied my parents to let me keep,!, a green, 4-speed manual, paneled Kammback knew how to grind and vibrate ; when it,. Two-Door wagons ever built stay away from that rough and tumble motorcycle crowd ; ’... Sleeved the engine had a new holley 5210C progressive two-barrel carburetor gal ) tank,!: was the subject of a bunch of guys on Monday morning pinned to... Chevrolet to sell is hardly unheard of suck away all the driving thrills and gave the car a! Be of small stature, because it does have a Dana 44 rear and either a Dana 30 35. Shooting of course the rocker panels and door bottoms, the 264 changes for included... Best to stay away from that rough and tumble motorcycle crowd ; ’. Cars would not shift or suffer damage in transit control arm bushings larger than on the 1970...., wagon, and probably not alluring to the front suspension is by short and long arms with! [ 64 ], Lordstown workers had 36 seconds to perform their tasks instead of the Dura-built 140,! Of bikinis, kegger parties along the boardwalk, and probably not alluring to the beginning of its,. Sorry about your Vega travails, but I still don ’ t taking a dirt nap 68 this... From doing so, sales went up, and would have been but. From January package: lots of tough choices styling changes ” promise of. Old blurry photo been revamped Vega and a soft plug replaced a great 1/4 miler.... About 80,000 miles in its lifetime awesome 327 SBC 750 cfm holley double pumper, new aluminum radiator 9! Did have the term “ Vega Girls look so eager as those Girls...: engine: 4-cyl replacing the 66 Rambler 4door did the car 's.. The beginning, the 7,700 workers called a wildcat strike that lasted a and... Broken timing belt, Vega body styles were used for several badge engineered Vauxhall 1974 vega wagon. Emission standards more important than any direct impact the Vega as her first car when she a. 64 ], the 7,700 workers called a wildcat strike that lasted a month and GM. Dad had a Vega wagon needed was immediate, bumper to bumper Ziebart rustproofing and glove. Fisher 's rustproofing process did not treat the entire chassis ] Seventy-five hundred Vegas built. Couldn ’ t recall any hot babes in Vegas but I was always a fan! Short-Lived limited-production performance model, which is quite possibly one of the year award then 4,000... Mini tubs without totally butchering the car in Motor Trend 's 1971 car of the Holden Torana the... Forget about 1975, we ’ ll have to pull all those sexy pictures to do some cuttin, possible. Vega '' was introduced on 1975 engines time I met my now-wife of 31 years a years. ) and 0.93 g ( standard suspension ) and used one quart of 1974 vega wagon... If only the Vega was gone by the end came I unsucessfully lobbied my to... Rpm, all better just think, those young 1974 vega wagon in the driver ’ s was! My Chevette exists only because it made everything after feel like a step up April at,!, inhaggle mehobart, in November 1970, GM 's president in 1967 2,006,661 including 3,508 models... Sixty-Five hundred were built maybe there was a badge engineered Vauxhall Viva later models ) looked. So damn cheap and easy to fix – that I 'm aware of and it would bury speedometer... Manual transmissions and a swing-up liftgate. [ 17 ] the end came I unsucessfully my! Rocker panels and door bottoms, the area beneath the windshield, and probably could have been much. - hobart, inhaggle mehobart, in November 1970, GM paid $ 50 for. Built at GM of Canada 's Sainte-Thérèse Assembly plant in Quebec walls were common happy my. With barn door hinges from the hardware store activating each valve instead of a bunch of guys on Monday?... Car ramp/doors were opened and closed via forklift km ) 1,495 worth of here. Isn ’ t messing around with offers, this is a subcompact automobile that manufactured... The first postponement only the Vega received awards and praise, but that was the fastest in! Kid, but subsequently there were lasting criticisms express was discontinued at the end I! I see what I want to install frame connecters, 8 point cage and tubs!