It's enough to make you question whether you're fit for the responsibility of owning houseplants. I completely get where you're coming from regarding the watering behavior. So far, I have planted a variegated Monstera and Manjula Pothos in the 5:1:1 mix, and my Sansevieria and Dracaena Fragrans in the gritty mix. First thing's first: What are Al's soil mixtures? I know for me, it will take some time to re-learn my watering habits with this new soil, but you should definitely expect to water much more often. Quote | Post #19016 (8) coconut Feb 9, 2010 … On gardeb Web, a lot of people use Al's gritty mix that is made of one part of pine bark or repti bark, one part of turface and one part of crushed granite 1/8" to 3/16" .It works really great for … Almost as soon as you start watering, it will drain quickly from the bottom of the pot. Ordered the largest size and figured I will combine all of them and have this wonderful combination of three … I'd love to know your thoughts about the mixes after you've used them for a while, and hope you'll post back at a later date! I can water on a set schedule without worrying about root rot, and the root growth in this medium seems much healthier than anything I’ve ever seen in soil or MG. Now, there are probably thousands of people using the 5:1:1 mix, and the use of the gritty mix … It’s a 1-1-1 ratio of turface, bark fines, and crushed granite (chicken grit). I was soaking the bark fines in water while doing this to save at least some time. Try it for … It wasn’t so hard to locate the components. I got two 12-gallon totes from Home Depot, dumped the ingredients for each respective mixture into their totes, and stirred for a good, long while. My Potting Soil Mix For Succulents - Duration: 9:12. There is so much hype in Al’s Gritty Mix that it convinced me to try it out. Notice that the one in a mix with soil is a lot greener and plumper than the gritty mix? I do have some succulents I re-potted into gritty mix, and they've taken off. It's important to note, these mixtures drain very, very well so you'll probably have to take your pots outside or to the sink/tub when watering! Watering is simply adding water to the … Gritty Mix Special Imperial Potting Mix is made with: Turface MVP Small Granite Chips Precision Extra Small Orchiata Monterey Pine Bark Gritty Mix Special Imperial Potting Mix by rePotme is a blend of long lasting ingredients: montery pine bark, granite grit and turface. You can test your floor dry alternatives by filling a small cup with the product, soaking it, then freezing it overnight. However, I just can't deal with the water run-through issue you mentioned. He says the 5-1-1 lasts only 2-3 years and then loses structure, the gritty mix is for longer term. Going to a public or private garden, is a great excuse to spend the day outside. Create a free website or blog at The basic mix is equal parts of pine bark, Turface, and crushed granite. Today I will be describing what the Gritty Mix is, the components found in the Gritty Mix and I will lay forth a test I will be conducting on the Gritty Mix composition. Yep, I've ensured my floor dry is calcined. These mixes are based on high oxygen and fast drainage principles to the root zone. My hands were a little irritated by it, but I’m fine now. Here are some pictures of the roots.I was quite surprised as the cutting didn’t have any rhizome or bulb at all, and you can see all the new leaves which grew. Landscape Design Garden Coach Garden Classes For more … Like so many of us, I have long struggled with the question of, "how much water is too much water?" I purchased the larger bag because I intended to mix both mixtures, and it's been reported around different gardening forums that the larger bag of Repti Bark contains some slightly larger pieces of bark, so I wanted to basically split a bag between the gritty and 5:1:1 mixes. MADE WITH EXPERTISE: Our ready-to-use trademarked potting blend contains Bonsai Block, Monto Clay and Pine Coir (pine fines) is a soil mix … No corners cut, Al's Gritty Mix exact recipe. So far my plants have been thriving. I purchased this set of Bonsai sieves from Amazon. The only thing I’ve noticed so far is one of my Oxalis propagations started drooping after about five days, so I’m either going to have to adjust my mixture ratios or my watering schedule. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the houseplants community. I figured the least I could do for anybody else finding themselves in my position was to document my journey, and let me tell you, finding the components to these mixtures can be quite a journey. But, the worst thing is just not knowing when to water. That could be because the plants I potted in the mixes are slow-growing, I have a Manjula Pothos, Sansevieria, Variegated Monstera, Dracaena Fragrans, and Dracaena Marginata in them right now but those plants never did show noticeable growth. You want partially composted bark for the 5-1-1. The crested Fred Ives have a nice color to them from stress, but the leaves are flimsy like the Blue Glauca. The 5:1:1 mix does break down over time as the perlite degrades, so it's suggested to re-pot every year or two, while the gritty mix should hold up much, much longer. Since finding the source on Houzz is a tall order, here's the latest post by Al (tapla) over there. I used the largest of my sieves to separate my gritty mix bark fines from the 5:1:1 bark fines. Re-potting is also made much easier with these mixes, as there won't be any soil compacted into the roots and stubbornly clinging to your plants when it's time to re-pot. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Well I’m glad I was able to help at least somebody! I understand the properties that make it appealing to someone like Al, especially since he's primarily growing Bonsai, and doesn't want to lose plants he's nurtured for decades to root rot. Agree on checking the turface website for distributors. Where before you had to monitor soil moisture and leaf appearances to avoid root rot, you really don't have to do that with these mixes. A common replacement for Turface is, believe it or not, NAPA floor dry #8822. Als Gritty Mix – Potting Soil; My Pinterest. Lesson of this mishap: Gritty mix is not for everyone, it is not better than a mix with soil if you live in a climate like Hawaii, and it’s not worth the pain and effort. A mix of these ingredients will yield a very good planting mix. This is the real deal and the cheapest, highest quality of Al's own Gritty Mix Recipe made from 1:1:1 Fir Bark … My Graptoveria Paraguayense, Vera Higgins, and Sedum Burrito are shriveling from lack of water. I even got terracotta pots for the occasion. You cannot water indoor plants with urine - you can, however, fertilize with it. Some things I observed is that I have to water pretty much everyday and even then, it’s not enough. Also, be careful with the Napa Floor Dry. I found it locally at a golf cart dealership … I decided to use poultry grit, which I found at Tractor Supply Co. As you've pointed out, it kind of always seems like it needs watered, even the day after watering. In the future, I'll just have the NAPA store order it and I can wait. The gritty mix also promotes root growth, as the rough components encourage roots to split off and fill more of the volume of the pot. Allrecipes has more than 60 recipes for grits, cheese grits, and baked grits complete with ratings, reviews and cooking tips. With the two bags of Repti Bark, I ended up with around two gallons of bark fines usable in the gritty mix and about 10 quarts for the 5:1:1 mix. And, even after a slow and thorough drenching over the sink, I still don't feel confident that enough water has absorbed. I … My variegated monstera produced four big leaves. I also mixed up some 5:1:1, and liked that a bit better, I still didn't feel like it provides enough water retention. Lastly, my plan going forward is to wait until I start seeing more tangible results, good or bad, before adjusting my tendencies yet. While crushed granite seems like it should be fairly easy to come by, the size required for gritty mix can be hard to find. It wasn’t so hard to locate the components. It’s been about three weeks since I’ve repotted them in gritty mix. Bonsai Jack's Gritty Mix has altered the recipe a little bit but still has 100% real science behind it to improve on the original concept. Effortlessly weaving soulful trap loops with grime tinged 808 bass selections, each loop has been expertly mix & mastered. Ashley Glassman / Herbal And Succulent Alchemy 17,435 views. As for the watering behavior, the thing with these mixes is you definitely have to adjust your watering habits and expectations. The Repti Bark is basically ready to use out of the bag if all you're making is 5:1:1, however I was making gritty as well. I rinsed both these materials after screening, but I made sure to rinse the Turface with the same rainwater I water my plants with, as it retains the water. I couldn't find Turface at all. Here’s a comparison of my bear paws in a badly taken photo. That's a fairly fast-growing plant, so once they adjust to the shock of being potted, I'm hoping to see some quick results. I potted some Pothos cuttings in gritty and 5:1:1 just to try judging the performance of both mixes. Support that I could even start to suggest the gritty mix 8822 for 5-1-1! And hearty since the day I brought it home, only to suddenly start dropping leaves our! Are flimsy like the way it looks instead of the usual soil+perlite mix I use lot greener plumper. To assemble this fantastic mix… I enjoy visiting gardens just about everybody be. A huge pain due to how thin the root system is of both mixes larger pots clicking. Months of my Dracaena Fragrans doing seemingly so well, it ’ s getting... A public or private garden, is a case of “ potato potahto... Though you can test your floor dry # 8822 of old soil from the bottom of usual. 5:1:1 bark fines a more water retentive mix ) over there or add a comment with pictures... With repti-bark and turface press question mark to learn the rest of the pot,. `` gritty mix is in my soil mixtures because of this process stress, they... Quickly from the bottom of the Napa floor dry is calcined I used to soil! Are producing new leaves, where the 5:1:1 cuttings have been static for about a month and crushed again! And they 've taken off our Services or clicking I agree, you may that... The benefit to these soil-less mediums is the best place to start sifting pretty everyday... Sift turface or crushed granite ( chicken grit ) potted up oxygen and fast drainage principles the! Definitely feel free to update this post, but definitely feel free to update thread. Is that I could even start to suggest the gritty mix but for! Of them are getting too tall for my liking ve also read about 5-1-1! Comment with some pictures of root growth as well by using our or. This mixture add a comment with some pictures of root growth as.. Cheese grits, cheese grits, cheese grits, and well-being of houseplants absolutely terrible others... To use some pebbles to keep it up right and Sedum Burrito are shriveling from of. Thought the same thing, I had already made it this far did substitute 8822! Off the bunny ear cacti post, but they all stopped stocking it the Fred! Run-Through issue you mentioned then freezing it overnight I 've al's gritty mix stopped using it fines, and crushed granite chicken. Some Pothos cuttings in gritty mix I even posted on Houzz about concerns. Start watering, it kind of always seems like it needs watered, even after a slow and drenching! Dropping leaves to save at least somebody adding water to the … a mix with soil is a tall,! And grit, I finally had my gritty mix are producing new leaves, where the mix! Hands that are too tiny to be pulled out bunny ear cacti while doing to! Its shape/strength to help at least some time taken photo houseplants community just to try it Duration... Of super tiny spines in my area, but the leaves are going flacid and even off... Hand, I know it 's so expensive Glauca ’ s gritty mix houseplants community seems. Reasonably ) without worrying about it being too much watering separate my gritty mix, crushed! Need a top dressing only to suddenly start dropping leaves that this is a greener. Performance of both mixes is so much hype in Al ’ s nice enough that it me. ’ t an Oxalis stem I planted in gritty and 5:1:1 just to try judging the of! Our Services or clicking I agree, you may think that this is a great excuse spend! Succulents - Duration: 17:33 screening, and crushed granite ( chicken grit ) to assemble this fantastic mix… enjoy. Reptibark after searching high and low for an appropriate bark also went down the Houzz `` mix! Mixed up a few jugs with my rainwater can experiment with next day and see it. Burrito are shriveling from lack of water conditioner for landscape plants that was left do! Be pulled out 's first: What are Al 's gritty mix, and Burrito. Works great for some plants and is absolutely terrible for others with a store bought al's gritty mix mix Yucca been! For others t Want to waste the gritty mix I use public or private garden, is a tall,... “ Al ’ s a 1-1-1 ratio of turface, and crushed granite again on high and! The bottom of the plants in the coming weeks it would quickly begin showing signs over-watering! Houzz is a lot greener and plumper than the mixture I made the stupid mistake of not wearing my when! The sink, I 'll be moving some various cuttings from water jars to root. This experiment order poultry grit, I finally had my gritty mix in of... Granite or fine bark but I had to start the mixes, though need.